"I see songs and hear stories in the silence of Photographs."


Carlos Mozo

The Photographer:

    Mozo strives to create images that are simple, clean and timeless.

Client based work includes Architecture, Advertising, Media Content, Portraits, Weddings, Underwater and themed Shoots.

The Art of Carlos Mozo: 

    He believes that a Photograph is not done until it is printed. Even then, he likes to add paint and textures to them. With thousands of prints, and years of experimenting, he has developed a unique technique that people identify as his signature style and look. Carlos has put on and been involved with Art Shows in Hawaii and across the Mainland U.S. 


    Carlos lives on the island of Oahu with his wife Hailey and their two children Maddy and Mo. When not behind a camera, he enjoys traveling, surfing, music and playing with his kids.

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