February 26, 2017




Maddy running the pier. Hanalie, Kauai ( I know I posted this image in the last blog post, but it just fit well with this topic and post. sorry, not sorry)



Traveling is among the things I value most in my life.  Growing up n the Navy exposed me to many places and cultures. By the age of 15 I had been to over 15 countries.  My value for travel doesn’t go to the bragging rights of doing something spectacular or even going to someplace exotic. I will pretty much jump on a plane, boat, train or drive anywhere for any reason if I have the time and ability to pull it off. I have traveled alone, with my family and with groups. The selfish side of me loves to travel alone, however I do love traveling with my family witch includes young children. My wife is a world traveler and has had many world adventures before we were married. Traveling with her is great because she doesn’t get hung up on schedules, delayed flights or set plans. She just goes with the flow. With this approach she and I have been able to go on adventures we weren’t expecting and see places less traveled. We promised each other that after having children and even while having young children that we would not let that keep us from traveling. We committed to each other to still keep seeing the world and have experiences and build memories.




Hailey (8 months pregnant with Mo) and Maddy soak up some sun rays. Kauai 



     Recently I heard a conversation about traveling with kids for education and how it was not worth it. They said that the kids could just watch videos of the places and learn about them that way. I personally have to disagree. If you (the family, kid, person, etc.) can afford it, I say go travel. Kids and adults will learn a ton. The memories I have traveling as a kid are priceless. Often the destination isn’t the most important part. It’s the act of travel itself that we learn and grow.

     While traveling and growing up, I got to see my parents learn and communicate with people who spoke different languages. I saw my parents hustle to get us into places and to see some amazing things. I learned to be patient because their can be a lot of down time. During the downtime we played games, talked about the culture of the places we were in and made up songs. Going through places that are different and foreign brought my family closer. Traveling with friends and other family’s made my bonds with them stronger as well.

       I find that kids who have traveled and experiences places other then home become more open and excepting of people and other cultures. They tend to communicate and navigate socially better. Kids absorb more knowledge in experience then just reading or watching a video about a place.




 Maddy and big brother Drake. Hanalie 





        Often in life we work for things that we lose or be can be taken away. Traveling is not one of those things. Those experiences and memories are yours and you’re forever. No one can take that away.





 If you have a chance to see a lava on top of a volcano and stars, don't pass it up. It's priceless. Hawaii








My son Drake on a 4day/3 Nighter backpacking trip in the backcountry of Kauai. We did 18 miles. The first 2 miles is a 3,000 descend. Last 2 miles, back up. I know he hated me most of the time on this trip but he learned to hike, endure, set up a tent, purify water and travel with only necessity.







This trip built a bond with his friends. This is a memory they will have for life.













 Hailey and Maddy swimming and playing with Jelly fish in Palau. You can't even put a price on this.
















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