It's been a long trip.

August 4, 2017

               Well, the family and I are finally back home on the island. I say finally as if I wanted the trip to end, but I didn’t. However, coming home to Hawaii is always 100x better than most places. I’ve always loved that feeling of getting off the plane, walking through the terminal, out the doors and having that warm humid air hit my face. I’s kind of funny how we here on the island leave for vacations yet millions fly here for vacation. Often it’s the best week of their lives.

              So this won’t be a long post, but I figured I’d share a little for those who read this and also for my own personal journaling. On this family trip we hit up northern California, then Las Vegas and that surrounding area, Beaver Utah and ended the trip in Anchorage Alaska. We rented cars, flew on plans, road a boat, crashed at family and friend’s houses, stayed at a Hotel themed after Tahiti and slept in an 8x8 dome house. I’m stoked, lucky and blessed to have a wife that made this happen and for kids that were able to adapt to the many traveling situations. At least most of them. The main challenges were finding and making space for a baby to sleep, kids napping times, 105-degree weather (Nevada), getting everything into the car, and getting the kids to sleep when its light out till midnight and the sun comes up at 4am (Alaska).

                This trip consists of many stories and adventures and I could probably write a book about each place and activity. In short I’m just going to share a few photographs and tell a little about them.





 Northern California

This photograph was made on the road in the Avenue of Giants. For miles and hours we drove through forest of Giant Redwoods and Sequoia trees. We stopped a lot to breath the fresh air, explore trails (not long ones, lets be real, we have young kids). We totally fell in love with this place and want to come back again.







 Somewhere near Santa Cruz, California

This is where we stayed in a small dome house. It was part cabin, dome, pieced together and really awesome. Through the door curtain on the right is the bathroom. It is a boat style head and is a compost set up. Up the ladder on the right is a loft with a king size bed. The place was tiny, yet had everything you needed. It makes me thing about what we could live with and without in a house.





Fort Bragg, California

 We explored a beach covered in glass. The wife is a big beach glass person and had been wanting to go to this place for a long time. The beach had some crazy history and we learned a lot about it. I might have to write about it in a future post.






 Somewhere near Santa Cruz, California

We stayed with friends and we met up with friends. Here the kids are playing with others on some drift wood. This seems to be the thing on the California coast. Thee were drift wood structures everywhere.




 Northern California

Maddy got to ride her scooter through a tree. She actually did this for about half an hour. The place was already closed and no one was around.




Yosemite, California 

This was a great point in the trip. I had been to Yosemite in the winter and many of the places are too snowed to get to. My good buddy Jeff showed us the northern part of the park. It was amazing. We think that we just might need to get a cabin in these parts.




 Northern California

These kids loved the woods and the bears.





 Las Vegas, Nevada

It was fun, but way too hot! 105-Degrees!!  We spent most of the time in the pool and in the A/C.






 Las Vegas Strip

Maddy made a friend.






 Neon Light Museum, Las Vegas

I got to make photographs at the Neon Light Graveyard for an hour with only 3 other photographers. It was awesome because this place is usually sold out and packed. There was so much history and crazy stuff here. 




 Beaver, Utah

Went to Beaver. This was that happening place





 Beaver, Utah

Found this will exploring some back roads. 




Beaver, Utah

Went to a Rodeo. It was a fun experience. And to be honest, I was rooting for the cows, not the boys.



 Beaver, Utah

Went to a horse race. It was my first. The whole town gets together kinda like how everyone gets together at home for a Red Raider football game.





 Beaver, Utah

Mo got to experience Merica.



 Cedar Breaks, Utah

Went to photograph on thing, then this happened. I'm not much of a sunrise person but I know to photograph one when I see good one.



 Zion, Utah

Found some amazing spots.



 Seattle, Washington

Good buddy Josh showed up with a picnic for our 4 hour wait between connecting flights. Seattle has an awesome Airport. Free WIFI, kids play area and an awesome shop that sells records and anything to do with Grunge Music. I had my eye on some Nirvana Records. Maybe next time.




 Seattle, Washington

The pizza was as good as the Art on the Pizza Box!





 Anchorage, Alaska

Flew into Alaska and saw some Glaciers.




 Matanuska, Alaska

We hiked to and onto a Glacier. It was amazing. We could hear it cracking and saw water gushing out of it. We learned a lot about Glaciers and how they work and what they have done. We saw global warming first hand.



 Palmer, Alaska

Went to a Muskox farm. Learned so much about these awesome creatures. The Muskox has been on my Photography bucket list. The farm was great to learn and see what people do with them. Later we saw some wild ones. Someday I want a beanie made for their extremely soft fur. 




Whittier, Alaska

We went on a Glacier cruise. Saw a ton of glaciers, sea otters, rare birds, seals, waterfalls and more glaciers.









 Whittier, Alaska

There were some boat challenges, but all and all, it was great. We even had all you can eat Steak and Salmon.



 Whittier, Alaska

 There were thousands of these birds.





Blackstone Bay, Alaska

I loved seeing sights light this. Fishing boats were just everywhere.



Blackstone Bay, Alaska

Photographs do no justice to sights like this. This waterfall and Glacier were massive. At one point a big chunk cracked and crashed into the water. Unfortunately I missed it. I heard it, but didn't see it. However Hailey saw that whole thing happen.




 Anchorage, Alaska

Was good to see some old friends and go for a little hike with the kids.



This was a great trip and we bonded as a family. I'm slowly learning to balance work, kids, wife and family time. The last few years has been a hustle. This last year I was doing online classes that took up about 20 hours a week. Doing that while working full time and running a photography and art business had really started to wear me down. This was the first time and trip that I actually took time to relax. I also find myself making the time with my family more meaningful. I'm working to create a stronger bond with my family and create some great memories.


Thanks for looking and reading. I'll be posting up again soon.























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